Can You Trust Facebook With Your Business Data?

It seems to be the month where the "big two", Facebook and Google are going to cause me grief! Two weeks ago I wrote about how Google seemed to be delivering more results that were of dubious quality and contained more "fluff" than substance. Now it's Facebooks turn but for a totally different and even more important reason. [More]

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Australian Social Media Strategies for 2011

I have now seen enough evidence of the benefits to business of an effective social media marketing campaign that I am prepared to embrace the whole concept that "social is good" in 2011. That doesn't mean that I am about to start telling people what I had for dinner or that the weather is great here (which it currently isn't), or that my cat is blue but I will be using various social media outlets to let others know about specific topics I feel I can contribute something of value or any great new offers from BlueBay Solutions (shameless plug). [More]

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Social Media