Wildlife charity scammer warning!


Wildlife conservation and the environment are sending you an SOS!
In the face of all this, there is an ever proliferating plethora of wildlife charities seeking your hard-earned money.
Unfortunately a lot of these are scammers and thieves and with no real intent on saving anyone or anything, except perhaps themselves.
Numerous large zoos are nothing more than businesses dressed up as charities.
In Australia, every government-owned zoo in almost every state capital city markets themselves as a wildlife conservation charity and in fact not one of them is.
Some of the biggest privaely owned, government-backed zoo enterprises fit into the ame category.
So who do you turn to to donate your money to in order to save Australia's wildlife from extinction?
Look closely before you donate and as a general word of advice, remember that if is "big", if it is government owned or gets hands outs from them, chances are you cannot trust them.

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