Snake handler courses to train snake catchers is serious business!

snake handler course

Snake handling courses and the training of snake handlers is extremely serious stuff! Make a mistake handling a venomous snake and you may die! Australia has more than its fair share of potentially lethal venomous snakes.
Snake handler courses run by Australian snakeman Raymond Hoser have trained countless snake catchers in all parts of the world, including every state in Australia.
Besides teaching snake removal, the courses teach reptile awareness, wildlife conservation, first aid, identification and even the minefield of laws that govern snake catching.

Snake Catcher

So who exactly needs to do one of these multi-award winning government recognized courses?
Go bushwalking and see snakes?
Well you do not need to do a snake catcher course.
The best thing for a bushwalker to do is to simply give the snake right of way and stay more than three mtres away from it.
Do that and it is impossible to be bitten!
No course required!
Worried about snakes entering your property?
Chances are you probably don't!
Same applies.
Leave them alone and most of the time all you wil see, is a snake passing through.
Keep your property clean of rubbish and they won't hang around!
But there are others who need to do a snake handling course and these are the people who come to the Snakeman Raymond Hoser to learn what they need to.
People wanting to do snake catching as a professional job, need to be able to do it while avoiding a fatal bite.
Not just some of the time, but at all times.
THis is why it is so important to know all about snakes and to be taught by the best in the business.
Raymond Hoser is by all measurable criteria the world's foremost snake expert.
- He has caught and handled more snakes than anyone else in history.
- He has discovered and named more species of snake than anyone else in history.
- He has discovered and named more genera of snakes than anyone else in history.
- He has bred a greater number of venomous snakes than anyone else in history.
- And he has an unmatched perfect safety record spanning over 50 years!

Snake Handler

As a result snake handlers, snake catchers and those working in the business of snake control, snake capture, snake relocation and teaching snake awareness come to Raymond Hoser for course training to make sure they too can handle the most dangerous snakes with safety.
Snake handler courses are conducted in all states of Australia and sometimes outside of Australia.
Snake catcher and snake removal work is required at times in all the warmer parts of the world, including all Australian states.
Remember, the saying, it is best to get it right the first time.
Well for deadly snakes, this is even more important.
Otherwise there may not be a second time!

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