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Our content management system allows you to take complete control of your website content. You decide what content is displayed, where it is displayed, how long it is displayed and even who has access to your content via the CMS.

Sites can be created using your existing site layout as a template or let us create a brand new look and feel for you based on your current corporate branding.*
(*fees and conditions apply).

Your site is created and maintained via an intuitive administration section. You control your own content and can decide when pages are published. Make pages or sections of your site accessable to certain types of users or lock down your entire site to create a members only website.

Once your pages have been created, they can be updated right on the page! If you need to change or add any content, simply navigate to that page and click on the "edit" button. Any changes you make will show up in real time and be immediately viewable by your users.

Our CMS is also ideal to use for your company extranet. This allows staff and customers to access only the parts you want them to via a secure interface.

What is a Content Management System or CMS

A CMS is web based software that connects to a website and enables an administrator to easily add, update, edit and delete content which may be text, images, documents or video. It makes the task of managing a website much simpler and enables people to achieve quite complex tasks without much technical knowledge.

Fully Supported Content Management System

We understand that just because you choose to use a content management system, that doesn't mean you need to do everything on your own.

You are provided with complete support via email and telephone during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have or simply to give advice on the best way to create and manage your website.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are here for you.

Simple To Use CMS

Our CMS was created to be as simple to use as possible while still giving you the power and flexibility you need to build your website your way. Page creation is a simple two step process while created pages can be edited directly from the page.

Most actions can be performed in two clicks.

  • Need to take a page offline? - two clicks!
  • Need to lock down a page? - two clicks!
  • Need to change your content? - one click!

Search Engine Friendly CMS

I know what you are thinking, just about everyone says that their CMS is search engine friendly. So what makes ours a search engine friendly CMS?

  • Unique Page Titles - You decide the title of any page. Just include your page keywords and you are done.
  • Keyword rich URLs - Place you page keywords in your pages URL
  • Set you own page description and keyword tags - Create unique page description tags based on page content
  • RSS Feeds - Our Articles module generates an RSS feed for easy syndication of any type of content.
  • Site Maps - Auto-generate site maps for all the major search engines as well as your visitors.
  • 301 redirects - Set up permanent redirects from old pages to retain your page authority
  • Page Compression - Compress your content to make your pages load faster. That really impresses the search engines.

Content management system pricing

Our licensing fees are extremely flexible and start from $69.00(AUD)* per month which includes hosting costs. Domain registration, setup and template creation fees are extra.

Just like all of our hosted applications there are no fixed term contracts. You may cancel your hosting with us at any time, provided the required notice is given, without penalty.

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